Building a Global Brand for a Premier Packaging Provider

The Challenge

We needed to tell the story of a global brand that was to become the premier consumer packing provider in the world. To bring the organization together under one vision, they needed a new identity that truly captured their scale, magnitude, and leading capabilities.

The Solution

CSBG helped develop the client’s story of tomorrow across all marketing channels and launch communications to reach a broad audience. Our work created brand touchpoints for employees and customers that helped define a new culture, and we collaborated to guide the organizational structure of a complex multinational business. We created a new name, messaging framework, and visual identity that reflected the scale, magnitude, and leading capabilities of the combined company.





With leadership, CS Brand Group successfully executed a series of strategic initiatives to establish Truvant’s new identity and effectively communicate its vision. These efforts resulted in a successful rebranding that effectively conveyed the company's strengths and aspirations while maximizing impact and resonating with specific target groups. Following the successful brand launch, we continued to support Truvant through a comprehensive BrandExtend campaign across web and social media channels.

“CS Brand Group embedded themselves in our business and navigated its scale and complexity. Through our collaboration, we created a premier global brand identity that our customers and employees embraced across various touchpoints.”

Scott Lamb

CEO, Truvant

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