Creating a Successful Brand for a Refrigeration & HVAC Leader

The Challenge

Source Refrigeration & HVAC wanted to continue to grow nationally but were running into issues with their brand. In some markets, they were purchasing companies where they had field technical personnel already operating, so the acquisitions felt they were being assimilated by their competition. What’s more, the Source brand did not have the position in the marketplace as a strong, national organization, so rolling it out to further markets was concerning.

The Solution

Through a series of roundtable discussions across the country, as well as significant research and discovery initiatives, a strategy was formed to create a new “overarching” corporate brand, and position Source as a regional brand under that holding brand. The new brand would then become an endorser for all future acquisitions (i.e., XYZ Service, a HoldCo brand). With leadership aligned on the strategy, we created a new name for the brand (CoolSys), along with a new mark and a revamped mission, vision statement, and organizational core competencies. We then helped communicate this cohesive brand strategy across all channels through web development, building signage, brochures, PR communications, collateral templates, and more.