Building a Platform Brand for the Future of EV Charging Infrastructure

The Challenge

Oscar W. Larson needed a platform brand that would house several legacy companies and support all things inside and outside of gas stations and convenience stores. This brand needed to future-proof businesses in the fueling industry while also anticipating changes in consumer behavior as the shift toward EVs continues.

The Solution

Working alongside leadership, we devised a strategy to take a singular company to the market and fold the existing businesses into divisions within this company. Our full BrandBuild scope of services included refreshed messaging, brand architecture, a new name and logo, and more. All of this allowed us to bring to life a platform brand that represented a true partner to convenience stores nationwide while still embracing the future of EV charging infrastructure.





Through deep collaboration we succeeded in building a brand that represents a nationally dominant company that supports the future of how America fuels or powers up its cars.

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