We deliver brand expertise that sparks value creation.

Building the Brand Stories of Tomorrow

CS Brand Group is a boutique group of brand strategy experts with focused expertise in lower- and middle-market private equity funds and their portfolio companies.

We know the private equity landscape is fast-paced and ever-evolving. That’s why we assembled a team of highly skilled brand strategy experts with specialization in this niche area who can deliver tailored solutions that align with your specific objectives and create real value.


Ensuring your brand is meaningfully and strategically designed with a comprehensive three-step approach.


Delivering insights into the foundational elements of your brand + recommendations for how to differentiate.


Expanding your brand’s presence through various campaigns and initiatives that drive growth and engagement.

Our Work

CSBG partnered with leadership to refine the company’s positioning as a trusted partner in developing innovative fiber optic solutions.
CS Brand Group partnered with the executive team and their private equity sponsors to create a cohesive brand identity from the integration of four leading national service providers.


CSBG crafted a new visual identity, messaging platform, website, pitch decks, and marketing tools to effectively position the business to target audiences.


CS Brand Group partnered with the leadership team at MIR to build a cohesive brand architecture and an external identity that maximized value for potential buyers.

400+ Brands Created or Transformed in the Middle Market

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